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Covid-19 Safety

Over the past few weeks at Sky Nights Hotels we have been thinking ahead to brighter days, when the country starts to go back to semi-normality or what for now could be “The New Normal”. Our hotel has put into place recommendations from the Government and Public Health England that protect our customers and team members during this lockdown time.

All our team members have access to COVID-19 testing, as part of the Government Key Worker initiative for testing.
Looking forward, when we can re-open fully, we will be undertaking intensive preparations & cleaning procedures to ensure our Hotel is in the best possible condition.
This is an ongoing process and will be updated along with government announcements, guidelines, and industry best practice.

Following the recent UK Government announcements, before you make any booking at one of our hotels, please ensure that you have read the Government’s latest guidelines and/or regulations applicable to you and your stay with us. From Thursday 3rd December 2020 onwards please note the following:

Covid-19 Tier 3 & 4 Restrictions:
Overnight stays for holidays in Tier 3 and 4 in London. During this period you will only be permitted to stay in hotel for the following specific purposes:

  • You are unable to return to your main residence and you are using the hotel as your main residence;
  • You need to stay at the hotel while moving house;
  • You need to stay at the hotel to attend a funeral, linked commemorative event or following a bereavement of a close family member or friend;
  • You are isolating yourself from others as required by law;
  • You are an elite athlete (or their coach) and need to stay at the hotel training or competition;
  • You need to stay at the hotel for work purposes, or to provide voluntary or charitable service;
  • You were staying at the hotel immediately before the area entered Tier 3;
  • You need to stay at the hotel to attend education or training;
  • You are a carer for someone you live with and are seeking respite; or
  • You need to stay at the hotel in order attend a medical appointment or treatment.


During these unprecedented circumstances Sky Nights Hotel’s priority is the safety and wellbeing of our Guests and staffs, we are trying to create an environment where everyone feels safe whether you are staying or working for us.

We have increased cleaning frequency of high touch points in public areas, i.e. Hotel entrance area, Reception areas, coffee machine, bedroom switches, handles, and remotes and soft furnishings. All linen and towels are thermally disinfected after every stay by our suppliers. Bedrooms have the 5 key critical touch point cleaning: handles & push/pull plates, bathrooms, in room facilities, hard surfaces, key touch points detailed cleaned in bedrooms and remove all collateral from bedrooms.

The current Government guidelines can be reviewed [HERE]. Please ensure that you are compliant with the current Government Covid 19 guidelines and legal requirements. We reserve the right to refuse any guest who we consider to be non-compliant upon entry into our hotels.
Please note that we are constantly reviewing our hotel policies and will update this message as and when new government guidelines and or legal requirements are announced
Thank you for your patience and continued custom.